direct redistribution

KINEXO’s direct redistribution offering eliminates multiple in-between stops during the distribution process, and enables customers to experience significant savings.

KINEXO’s direct redistribution offering eliminates the need for warehousing, and allows its customers with shipments not qualified for traditional redistribution, to achieve similar efficiencies through direct inbound multi-vendor consolidations. We consolidate purchase orders and take full control of the purchase and movement of goods from the manufacturer to the distributor, which results in reduced costs for the customer.

The evaluation process and benefits for customers and trading partners are largely similar to traditional redistribution, making direct redistribution a great option for many in the marketplace.

Our customers get the advantage of reduced landed costs of products, end-to-end freight, financial visibility and traceability, increased efficiency, a single point of contact, and options for slow moving, promotional and brand essence products.

Distributors are also at an advantage because they are able to purchase in smaller quantities, offer more backhaul opportunities in truckload quantities, and consolidate billing.

Suppliers also reap the rewards, as the get a more efficient path to the end user, greater production efficiencies, and the ability to consolidate sales orders and cash receipts.

Direct redistribution can offer great benefits for all parties involved and KINEXO is proud to offer this cost-saving solution to its many customers. Contact KINEXO today for more information.