With any new administration, comes new regulation complexities and policies for the supply chain industry and its clientele. And with a regularly shifting marketplace, KINEXO is always seeking out the optimal supply path to save its customers time and money in the long run. Providing services beyond that of a typical 3PL, KINEXO uses multiple transportation modes and designs a specific supply path to meet its individual customer’s needs. To do this, KINEXO analyzes a customer’s distribution needs to determine the best direct route-to-market process to move goods using its unmatched solutions. In addition to freight management, these include redistribution, direct redistribution, network design and engineering.

Both services are part of KINEXO’s innovative supply chain freight management solution and offer customers big benefits like shaving off transportation time and offering cost-effective shipping options.

When designing the optimal freight management plan for a customer, KINEXO uses its innovative technology and data to determine and analyze a customer’s supply chain inefficiencies. KINEXO’s superior team of experts have helped customers save over $10 million dollars a year in reduced freight spend in their supply chain.

As a company that is constantly innovating, KINEXO seeks out technology solutions that will give its customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. So, the next time you hit a roadblock in your supply chain, reach out to KINEXO to determine the right solution for your company.