Campbell Soup Company’s President and CEO Denise Morrison once said, “the leader is the person who brings a little magic to the moment.”

This line perfectly sums up KINEXO’s President Todd Williams who is not afraid to say he enjoys coming to work every day. In charge of the long-range and strategic planning for the company, Todd works closely with his team to identify and remove supply chain inefficiencies for restaurant chain supplier and distributor clients. Marking one of the company’s most profitable years to date, last year Todd oversaw the successful re-branding to KINEXO and a new rallying cry across the organization.

It’s the excitement of the variety of work, KINEXO’s “phenomenal” client roster and the company’s culture and values that keep him focused. We asked the 15-year veteran a few questions about his career, KINEXO and what lies ahead, and this is what Todd had to say:

Q: What is the greatest benefit of working at KINEXO?

The culture, which is made up of our extremely smart Teammates who put innovation, collaboration and values before everything.

Q: What attracted you to work at KINEXO?

Simply put – the variety of work. Nothing is the same each day and there are always new challenges, which excites me.

Q: What sets the KINEXO customer apart from the rest?

Our customers are phenomenal. We work with a variety of clients across the restaurant, hospitality and healthcare industries and they all have unique, individual needs that we cannot wait to analyze and design a freight management plan that creates significant value for their supply chain and overall business success.

Q: How do you keep your employees motivated each year?

On top of constantly innovating, we establish and live by a new motto each year. Last year it was “Preserve and Grow.” This year, our motto is “Improve and Innovate,” which speaks to our desire to seek out new technological processes and products that will make KINEXO a better partner to our clients.

Q: Where do you see KINEXO in the next decade?

Leveraging our proprietary and customizable solutions – freight management, redistribution, direct redistribution and network design and engineering – I’m proud to say that we’ve established a solid foundation for the future of KINEXO. I’d like to see the company expand the variety of industries upon which we service and allow our culture and what we stand for continue to be an inspiration for what we do and the talent we attract.

Q: Anything else?