KINEXO offers a variety of highly customizable supply chain specialties to provide its customers with a comprehensive and innovative supply chain management solution. These include the continuous design, planning, optimization and implementation phases of moving a customer’s goods from suppliers to their final mile distribution network. KINEXO helps customers achieve the optimum supply path, resulting in cost savings and full transactional visibility.

Freight Management




DIRECT Redistribution


Network Design & Engineering


Freight Management

Reduce freight costs and increase efficiency

Our focused freight management strategies use various transportation modes to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, and provide the most efficient and cost effective route to market. KINEXO’s robust freight management network provides additional leverage and aggregation options that benefit your supply chain by increasing efficiency and reducing spend.

Our freight management solution includes:


  • Freight procurement and bid management
  • Services including intermodal, rail, ocean, cross-border and air
  • Accessorial management
  • Modal selections that include parcel, LTL and full truckload


  • Carrier selection and management
  • Dedicated fleet sourcing and management


  • Full service support
  • Customized reporting
  • 24/7 visibility of freight movements
  • Static and dynamic shipment optimization


Create financial, purchasing and production efficiencies

Our sophisticated and proprietary modeling process is used to aggregate a customer’s less-than-truckload purchase volume, at the distributor-level, across all locations and suppliers. We then optimize inbound and outbound loads using strategic warehousing locations to create value for all trading partners and ensure supply reliability.

KINEXO serves over 270 distribution centers and provides national coverage from three strategically located geographic hubs, each with both dry and temperature controlled capabilities.

The Benefits:


  • Reduces landed cost of certain products into distribution
  • End-to-end freight and financial visibility and traceability
  • Solves supplier minimums and distributor slotting limits
  • Increases efficiency with a single point of contact
  • Provides options for slow moving, promotional and brand essence products


  • Purchasing in smaller quantities improves inventory turns and reduces investment
  • Backhaul opportunities in truckload quantities
  • Consolidated P.O. and payments


  • More efficient path to the end user
  • Greater production efficiencies
  • Consolidates sales orders and cash receipts

Direct Redistribution

Redistribution without the warehouse

Our direct redistribution offering eliminates the need for warehousing, and enables those with shipments not qualified for traditional redistribution, to achieve similar efficiencies through direct inbound multi-vendor consolidations.

We consolidate purchase orders and take full control of the purchase and movement of goods from the manufacturer to the distributor, which results in reduced costs and risks for the customer.

The evaluation process and benefits for customers and trading partners are largely similar to traditional redistribution, making direct redistribution a great option for many in the marketplace.

Network Design & Engineering

Develop the optimum supply path

Our network engineers provide highly customized supply chain strategies that are proven to reduce costs, increase transparency, maximize operating efficiency, and improve profitability. Through custom distributor location selection, vendor ship point selection, and inbound supply chain optimization we design a network unique to your company’s needs and business goals.


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