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Network OptimizationMinimize cost & Maximize profit

Through custom distributor location selection, vendor ship point selection, and inbound supply chain optimization, we develop an optimum supply path aligned to your unique needs and business goals.

Our powerful process for determining the optimal structure of the supply chain network is proven to minimize cost, maximize profit, find the optimal trade-off of resources to achieve your strategic objectives, and then execute based on our findings.

With this thorough analysis, we can help you make informed, strategic decisions regarding:

    • Plant locations and capacity
    • Strategic planning
    • Growth
    • Changing customer base

    • Distribution location and sizes
    • Divestment
    • Expansion
    • New product lines
    • Sourcing

    • Inventory Levels
    • Acquisitions
    • Consolidation
    • Carbon footprint reduction

Optimal Sourcing DecisionsSource Optimization

By utilizing a combination of mathematical models and computer software, our network engineers analyze large numbers of supplier bids and business scenarios to provide the optimal sourcing solution.

Our bid optimization analysis accounts for the complexity of bundled bids different components of the total spend, tiered bids for volume discounts, any unique business rules, and the number of locations to be served.

With our analytics and decision guidance, sourcing becomes a strategic advantage instead of a pain point by alleviating the complexity.

Ever struggled with distribution centers meeting minimums?

Tired of always being priced in the worst bracket?

Wonder how much money you leave on the table when you allow distribution centers to manage your freight first?

Greenfield Analysisselecting the ideal distribution centers

Our network engineers utilize this analytical model to determine the ideal selection of distribution centers based on the geographical locations of your stores/customers, suppliers, and your demand volumes. Our objective is to cover the greatest number of stores/customers or demand using the fewest number of distribution points within a defined set of service distance goals.

Once candidates for distribution locations have been identified, we create a more detailed network model by adding more cost elements, capacities and constraints. Additionally, we analyze detailed route and inventory optimizations to ensure that our recommended set-up will perform as planned.

How many distribution centers do we need to achieve our service level?

Where should distribution centers be located to minimize cost?

Which customers will be supplied from each distribution center?

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