Redistribution Network and KINEXO Direct


We serve distribution centers nation-wide and provide national coverage from four strategically located geographic hubs, each with both dry and temperature-controlled capabilities.

Our sophisticated and proprietary modeling process aggregates your less-than-truckload purchase volume, at the distributor-level, across all distribution center locations and suppliers. Then, we optimize all the inbound and outbound loads utilizing technology and our strategically located warehouses network

We don’t just ensure supply reliability; we create value for all the trading partners:

  • Customer benefits

    • Reduces the delivered cost of certain products into distribution
    • End-to-end freight and financial visibility and traceability
    • Solves supplier minimums and distributor slotting limits
    • Increases efficiency with a single point of contact
    • More efficient options for slow moving, promotional (seasonal) and brand essence products

  • Distributor benefits

    • Purchasing in smaller quantities improves inventory turns and reduces investment
    • True backhaul opportunities
    • Consolidated purchase orders and payments

  • Supplier benefits

    • More efficient path to the end user
    • Greater production efficiencies
    • Consolidates sales orders and cash receipts to ensure compliance
    • Creates manufacturing and shipping efficiencies


Getting your shipment to the right place, at the right time, for the right price takes a balance of big picture planning and sharp attention to details. Our extensive experience and data-driven insights make it happen.


Our direct redistribution solution eliminates the need for warehousing. Instead, we consolidate purchase orders and take full control of the purchase and movement of goods from the manufacturer to the distributor. The result is reduced costs and risks for you.

For shipments that may not qualify for traditional redistribution, KINEXO Direct provides similar efficiencies through direct inbound multi-supplier consolidations. The evaluation process and benefits are also largely similar, making it the best choice for many customers and trading partners.

Sailing Schedule

One of the challenges in warehousing redistributed products is the outbound freight to new or very small velocity distribution centers, so we alleviate that problem with our sailing schedule. We service each region of the country from one of our 4 redistribution hubs on predictable order cycles that allow for the distribution center to better manage their inventory. We coordinate with the distributors in the region, use our transportation network and technology to optimize and maximize the use of the outbound truck

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