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Modern supply chains run on data. That’s why we invest in the industry’s most advanced suite of transportation and engineering technology. Our scale and expertise mean you gain the advantage of cutting-edge systems at a lower cost—all fully integrated with your existing IT platform.

This gives us the ability to gather data from your entire supply chain network, our carriers, and the industry at large. Unfortunately, all that data doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t fuel actionable insights. Our experienced team of network engineers, data scientists, and analysts provide the business intelligence you need to make well-informed decisions that drive results for your bottom line.

Our advanced technology platform includes:


These applications provides users with the ability to manage inventory, analyze shipment history, transit times, dynamic data input for shipment optimization, and current rates to create executable solutions.


This platform combines powerful machine learning with the world’s largest data network to provide real-time shipment tracking and predictive insights.

Customer portal

Our web-based portal provides total visibility of your product movement in aggregate with the ability to drill down to the item level. Real-time stock status data includes inbound product purchase orders, existing floor stock, and outbound sales orders to distributors.

Carrier Portal

Our web-based portal makes communication easy and streamlines the entire shipment process.

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